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5,000 to 49,999 up to 3C in-line flexo  
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Post Printed & Hot Stamped: Always choose Two cases +  
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Natural Kraft 63#; White Kraft 60# to 10x5x13; 65# for 13x6x16 and larger  
Additional Costs & Options Click here for Packaging Guide
Plates, Dies & Freight
Optional Handle Colors- Custom Shopping Bags Only
  TULSAWARDS™   Group I - $0/M Group II - $15/M Group III - $20/M
Plates & Dies per color/size Member Non-member 3 West Beige Handle #3 #1 4 Kentucky Blue Handle #4
New brand* in-line 5,000+/item handle bag $0 $200 5 Red Handle #5 2 Lavender Handle #2 6 Cranberry Handle #6
Revised in-line handle bag $140 $200 8 Navy Blue Handle #8 7 Hunter Green Handle #7 10 Yellow Handle #10
Bottom logo master set up, 1X charge, original or revised $60 $75 12 Black Handle #12 #9 #11
Revised in-line set up+PDF proof/Rev set up+folded proof $30/$50 ea. $40/$60 ea.   13 Orange handle #13 16 Christmas Green Handle #16
Blueline flat dylux for screens or mis-registration proof $15 ea. $20 ea. Group IV - $25/M 14 Ivory Handle #14 19 Citrus Handle #19
Post printing plate including one proof per bag size $40 $75 17 Christmas Red Handle #17 15 Manila Handle #15 20 Magenta Handle #20
Hot stamping die including one proof per bag size $75 $100

All handles 5M min.
Price doubles at less than 25M bags total

18 Purple Handle #18 21 Fushcia Handle #21
Revised post print/hot stamp PDF proof per size $15 $20 22 Chocolate Handle #22  
New brand* in-line 5,000+/item handle bag dock to dock $0 Prepay & add      
25M+ handle bags combined one shipment dock to dock $0 $0  
Less than 25M bags Prepay & add Prepay & add  

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• See complete Terms & Conditions applicable to all quotations. * Applies only to new print/brand not run previously by TULSACK.