In-line Flexo Custom Printed Market Gallery

In-store retail, foodservice and restaurant carryout, promotional and trade show, museums and cultural institutions and hospitality, to name a few, are among the many markets where you've seen TULSACK's bags. National, regional and local brands depend on TULSACK to meet their needs to package their products and deliver their messages on our Walking Billboards. Whether in your community or on your travels, odds are you've held one of our bags. We present the following samples to showcase the quality and variety of our products, and to reinforce the adage that you can judge someone by the quality of the company they keep. All of these are in-line custom flexo prints, available at 5,000 bag minimum - the quantity at which we'll prepay freight and plates for initial production of each new brand handle bag print brought to TULSACK.
Plum's Cooking
Body & Soul