Bag Making 101 - How we make and customize paper bags at TULSACK

All of our bags are made automatically on high speed, roll fed machines in the U.S.A. Bags are customized with In-line Flexo Printing, Post Printing, and Hot Stamping. See photos and descriptions below for features and benefits of each process.

In-line Flexo Printing Video - 5,000 minimum - 3C max Post Printing Video - usually 1C/1S Hot Stamping Video - usually 1C/1S
In-line flexo custom printing can be all sides, three colors, full coverage.
Post Printing and Hot Stamping of stock bags is typically one color/one side.

Post Printing and Hot Stamping have the logo applied to the paper with either ink or foil after it has been folded into a bag.

Post printing and hot stamping have limitations including coverage area, panels and colors that can be printed cost effectively, registration, and limited photo or screen tone capability.

However, post printing and hot stamping, most commonly one color on one side, are excellent alternatives for minimum quantity customized bags for smaller businesses and special events - as few as two cases.

As the business grows, full coverage up to three colors is available at low 5,000 bag minimum in-line flexo printing process.

Prestige Left Prestige Front Prestige Right Prestige Back TULSACK Rossi Pasta TULSACK Boaz
The eight key steps to fully automatic serrated edge shopping bag production, with in-line three color flexo printing.
Roll Unwind
In-line Flexo Printing
Handle Patch Assembly
Handles Into Machine
Handle Insertion
Handles On Web
Bottom Forming
Bag Delivery
1. Roll Unwind 2. In-line printing 3. Handle/patch assembly, 4. To machine, 5. Glued to bag 6. Fold gussets 7. Form bottom 8. Bag delivery